OpenDCME Newsletter - 7 March 2011

Inter-relationships between KPI's documented

Over the last days, each OpenDCME KPI got a detailed list of its relationship with other OpenDCME KPI’s. The KPI’s in the second quadrant (IT Assets) uses another approach than simply documenting the fact. Each relationship answers the question:

What is the impact of increasing the utilization by decreasing the installed capacity?

OpenDCME Newsletter - 4 January 2011

Dear Subscriber,

Happy new year! We wish you a healthy, successful and energy-efficient 2011. And we started this new year with a change. Your account on the OpenDCME website has been converted to a newsletter subscription. Over Christmas we evaluated our online presence, so the website and social media platforms, and found that we had to optimize it by removing obsolete parts. The website is to present the model, the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN are for news and discussion.

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