Inter-relationships between KPI's documented

Over the last days, each OpenDCME KPI got a detailed list of its relationship with other OpenDCME KPI’s. The KPI’s in the second quadrant (IT Assets) uses another approach than simply documenting the fact. Each relationship answers the question:

What is the impact of increasing the utilization by decreasing the installed capacity?

This particular approach is taken to show what happens when IT makes changes, primarily changes based on consolidation/virtualization projects. How does it impact the data center (quadrant 1 facility) and what is required on the processes (quadrant 4 processes) to be more successful? When turning one KPI to green (good), others can turn to red (bad). Be aware of the balance and do not try to optimize all at once; accept a (temporary) degradation as intermediate step.

The OpenDCME model will help you to take the next step to improve your competency. Set your first target to move from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence. In other words, accept that you can and have to improve. And where you are on the scale of the “four stages of competence” will vary per KPI.

Another often used management model to improve and control is the Deming Circle. But I would like to add a special entry-point to it. It is where you understand and accept the fact that you can and have to improve.

Get started today and if you have any question, please do contact us via the contact form or per email at info [at] opendcme [dot] org.

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