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The hype-word of the last few years is cloud. If you are not in or around the cloud then you are out of business. Besides that cloud is a new money-maker and money-saver in IT, it is an opportunity for you in all cases. Maybe you have used cloud capacity from Amazon, Microsoft, Google or other well-known or lesser-known brands. But what do you do with the surplus IT capacity that you have today? You sell it on the new cloud marketplace, offered by “an independent aggregator of surplus cloud capacity” called Green Clouds.

Becoming a cloud provider the traditional way, requires you to adjust your current business, where you take large financial risks in a highly competitive market. Becoming a cloud consumer requires you to select a cloud provider and make you worry about price, performance, security and legal ownership of your data. Green Clouds makes everybody a cloud provider and offers you, the cloud consumer, an independent marketplace to get your ISO27001 and SAS type II certified capacity.

What is the impact of the Green Clouds marketplace to your OpenDCME score?

OpenDCME quadrant

Provider (sell capacity)

Consumer (buy capacity)


You can be successful in selling capacity from a medieval dungeon. You can be more successful when you lower your operational data center cost by becoming more energy efficient. This has not much to do with cloud, other than keeping the facility capacity and IT capacity aligned.

If you transfer current IT capacity to the cloud, your data center must scale down. Otherwise your scores will drop. But if you put new services into the cloud, there is no impact here.

IT Assets

The utilization rate of your hardware should improve. But in the end, if you have much more hardware capacity than is sold on the marketplace, you are still not scoring well.

If new services are created in the cloud, the scores will not change. If you move existing services to the cloud, the scores will drop and you should physically move hardware from your data center or switch it off waiting for better times. Or sell the capacity on the marketplace, which is your new alternative to surplus capacity.


You have to be in control of the performance and capacity utilization of your sold capacity. As provider, you have to deliver the agreed performance and capacity. And in case your own business grows, you need to know what to do.

Is it cheaper to get capacity from the marketplace or use your own surplus capacity? First step: know your current and future capacity need by collecting trends.


As you have a new customer, that are anonymous users that use your sold capacity, you have to be more in control of what you have and what you do.

From a product lifecycle perspective it will become more easy; less iron to deal with. And in the end,  the marketplace gives you another option to easily grow or shrink your capacity. Managing capacity is still required otherwise there is no change in solving the surplus capacity challenge.

Have a look yourself to see how it can help you to become more energy efficient by solving the surplus capacity issue. And do you want to know more about solving your capacity challenges, please do contact us via the contact form or per email at info [at] opendcme [dot] org.

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