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Expanded documentation of third quadrant

The documentation of the third quadrant of the OpenDCME model has been expanded. Every KPI is described more in detail of what it is and what aspects should be measured for each KPI. Besides collecting data for trending purposes and checking for capacity limitations (high-utilization), check for low-utilization too. If capacity is under-utilized for long periods of time action should be taken. Reduce the amount of provisioned/assigned capacity or make other changes so get a better balance in provisioned and utilized capacity.

Btw, currently the quadrant is called "Tooling" but it will be renamed to "Management" soon.


New layout and more to come

Updated layout

The website has a new layout. It is the first step in a number of actions that we are taking. The current content is being updated and it will contain more details on for example how to measure a KPI.

Next steps are adding testimonials and workspaces.



With testimonials we would like to record statements of users or endorsers of the OpenDCME model. These testimonials will be published on the website. When the functionality is added to the website we will notify you.



We get many requests for scoring the efficiency of the user's workspace; that is primarily desktops and printers. As soon as we have more on this topic we will update you. And if you would like to be involved, please do contact the OpenDCME team via the forum or the contact page.


First open source Green IT book published

The world's first open source Green IT book is published. It is available from the GreeningIT website.


PUE as metric for ENERGY STAR Rating for Data Centers

The US EPA has launched their ENERGY STAR Rating for Data Centers. And the single criterium is PUE. Here is a first analysis:

  • all energy sources are part of the equasion, not just electrical energy
  • kW (power) readings are not accepted by EPA, it must be kWh (energy)
  • the score is for the whole building, even if is contains large office spaces
  • your final score depends on the scores of other data centers; your data center has to be in the top 25 to get the label

More information about this program and its details are available at the EPA website.


iops vs bytes, we want your opinion


I have just started a new forum discussion on the OpenDCME website whether iops or bytes are a better measure of storage assets.

I hope that you will take the time to respond to the tread so that we can asses if we need to update our current measure.

Looking forward to all of your reactions, best regards, Dirk

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