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OpenDCME used as zero-measurement tool for the Dutch MJA

See the 2nd paragraph for the English translation.

Vorige week hebben negen ICT-bedrijven hun handtekening gezet onder de meerjarenafspraak energie-efficiency. Daarmee komt het totaalaantal deelnemers op dertig bedrijven, die samen goed zijn voor 80 procent van de energieconsumptie van de Nederlandse ICT-industrie. Dat komt neer op 1,6 terawattuur per jaar. Ter vergelijking: de stad Amsterdam consumeert jaarlijks 4 TWh. De nieuwe leden van het convenant zijn: BT, Centric, Colt Technology, Datacenter Fryslân, Equinix, Imtech ICT, Intel, Interxion en de Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-IX). Klik hier voor de rest van het artikel...

Last week, nine ICT companies put their signatures under the long-term agreement on energy efficiency.  This brings the total number of participants in thirty companies, which together account for 80 percent of the energy consumption of the Dutch ICT industry. That equates to 1.6 terawatt hours per year. By comparison, the city of Amsterdam 4 TWh annually consumes. The new members of the covenant are: BT, Centric, Colt Technology, Datacenter Friesland, Equinix, Imtech ICT, Intel, and the Rotterdam Interxion Internet Exchange (R-IX). Click here for the English translation (Google Translate) of the article.


How cool is the Greenpeace Cool IT leaderboard?

Recently Greenpeace published its new Cool IT leaderboard. The scoring of that board is based on "...evaluates company performance on their efforts to offer economy-wide technological climate solutions that contribute to global greenhouse gas reductions, initiatives to reduce emissions from their own footprint, and their active engagement in political advocacy and support for science based climate and energy policies".

The leaderboard does not tell wether a mix of these "economy-wide technological climate solutions" will bring the expected benefit. OpenDCME can and will help you to have an independent overview over these large amounts of technologies. But do read the leaderboard factsheet yourself to find a number of good quotes:

  • Companies like Facebook, Google, and other large players in the cloud computing market must advocate for policy change to ensure that, as their appetite for energy increases, so does the supply of renewable energy.
  • While it is ultimately the responsibility of governments to set the framework for a clean energy revolution, required changes can only be achieved with bold leadership from both the private and public sectors.
  • IT companies have a central role to play in moving us toward essential greenhouse gas reduction goals by creating an entirely new platform for how we produce, deliver and use energy.
  • The IT industry must break away from these entrenched positions to deliver cutting edge solutions and bold advocacy leadership on a local, national, and international level.


Infrarati: Unifying ideas and initiatives: Data Center Stack Framework & OpenDCME

OpenDCME and Data Center Pulse referenced on Infrarati.

"The current indexes for data center performance, such as DCiE, EUE and PUE are not sufficient to drive data center efficiency. These indexes focus only on the power or energy consumption of the facilities. Each metric in itself says nothing about how efficient a data center really is. In order to drive and improve efficiency, a common framework that will describe any data center, anywhere, doing anything is required. The next step is to apply industry established metrics for each block that is running in the data center. The combination of a framework and the metrics can form the basis of real data center performance monitoring."     Read more at Infrarati.


Cebit 2010

This year the international conference of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) is at CeBIT; the theme is "Green IT - Future Trends in Application". During this event, Ludger Ackermann, Green-IT-expert at Mansystems, will present "De EU-Code of Conduct - Status Quo and Perspectives". IT organizations that want to reduce the energy consumption of IT and the data center can join the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.

Presentation date: March 3rd, 16.35 - 17.05

Location: CeBit, hall 8


LAN Magazine (Dutch)

In LAN Magazine edition February 2010, a multi-page article about OpenDCME is published. Very likely I cannot share a copy of the article in this post; in case I get permission I will do so later.

And on their website is a blogpost about the limitations and risk of PUE. It is a Dutch article and if you need a translation, Yahoo Bablefish can help you.


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