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Per today, OpenDCME has it own LinkedIn group to offer another platform to discuss real end-to-end data center efficiency.

Open Data Center Measure of Efficiency

In order to drive and improve efficiency, a Performance Indicator for data centers is required. The current indexes, such as DCiE, EUE and PUE are not sufficient to drive data center efficiency, since it only reflects the power or energy consumption of the facilities. The metric in itself says nothing about how efficient a data center really is.

Effective immediately, Mansystems’ Data Center Efficiency team has released its “Open Data Center Measure of Efficiency (OpenDCME)” model to measure full end-to-end data center efficiency as open source to the market.

The model is a proven technique to establish a zero-measurement of a data center and its use. It focuses on the data center facility itself, the IT hardware that is installed in it, the quality of collecting performance and capacity metrics of the facility and IT, and the most important processes that deal with operational efficiency.

The OpenDCME model is available on and like an open source software project this model belongs to the community and it is open for contribution (see the footer of the website for the Creative Commons license agreement).  This first version of the OpenDCME model is based on, amongst others, the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres best practices in combination with the feedback of applying the model to a large number of data centers.

As a contributor you will have direct influence on the further evolution of this model resulting in an international standard. Adopting this standard means that you will have a real end-to-end management framework to drive energy efficiency and costs savings within your data center.


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