OpenDCME Newsletter - 4 January 2011

Dear Subscriber,

Happy new year! We wish you a healthy, successful and energy-efficient 2011. And we started this new year with a change. Your account on the OpenDCME website has been converted to a newsletter subscription. Over Christmas we evaluated our online presence, so the website and social media platforms, and found that we had to optimize it by removing obsolete parts. The website is to present the model, the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN are for news and discussion.

Software optimization and application rationalization should be on your radar this year. The last years, the most obvious energy consumers were targetted. Huge steps were made, and still have to be made by many who have not been able to yet. But have a look at all those IT devices? Do you need them? What are they used for? Who uses the applications? Estimates are that around 20% of the servers in a data center are ghosts. Put this on your action plan for 2011 and take the next leap in energy-efficiency.

If you have nog connected to us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN yet, please do so. And we would like to hear from you if you have any question or suggestion regarding OpenDCME specific or energy-efficiency in general.


We want your testimonial

Dear OpenDCME supporter,

Per today, the OpenDCME website supports recording and publishing testimonials of users of this data center efficiency model, and anyone else who has a constructive opinion about it. We would like to invite you to add your testimonial to it. On the page you find the instructions on how to proceed. When we have a representative set of testimonials of our direct community, we will enable this feature to the public.

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OpenDCME used to assess Dutch universities

The IT and data center energy efficiency of nine Dutch universities was assessed during 2010. The project was initiated and sponsored by SURFfoundation and Agentschap NL and it was performend by Mansystems DCE. The facts are:

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Open-source book about sourcing. Want to join?

International collaboration and publishing results using a Creative Commons license is hot. The next in line after the OpenDCME model, the Open Green IT Policy and the Greening IT Initiative is The Sourcing Initiative.

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OpenDCME on Facebook

OpenDCME added a page to Facebook where updates, news and announcements will be published. Click here to view OpenDCME @ Facebook and start following us.

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