OpenDCME Newsletter - 7 March 2011

Inter-relationships between KPI's documented

Over the last days, each OpenDCME KPI got a detailed list of its relationship with other OpenDCME KPI’s. The KPI’s in the second quadrant (IT Assets) uses another approach than simply documenting the fact. Each relationship answers the question:

What is the impact of increasing the utilization by decreasing the installed capacity?

This particular approach is taken to show what happens when IT makes changes, primarily changes based on consolidation/virtualization projects. How does it impact the data center (quadrant 1 facility) and what is required on the processes (quadrant 4 processes) to be more successful?

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Sell your surplus IT capacity

The hype-word of the last few years is cloud. If you are not in or around the cloud then you are out of business. Besides that cloud is a new money-maker and money-saver in IT, it is an opportunity for you in all cases. Maybe you have used cloud capacity from Amazon, Microsoft, Google or other well-known or lesser-known brands. But what do you do with the surplus IT capacity that you have today? You sell it on the new cloud marketplace, offered by “an independent aggregator of surplus cloud capacity” called Green Clouds.

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The ASHRAE Data Center Weather Report

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) announced that the climate in data centers is going to be warmer as it expands the recommended environmental envelope to improve energy efficiency. In fact, in what would have been considered heresy just a few years ago, it is envisioning and advocating the more common use of non-mechanical (compressor-less) cooling – so called “free cooling” – economizers using ambient air temperatures (within limits) to cool the data center.

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Harmonizing the PUE Metric

While singing in the green choir, apparently not everyone has been singing from the same page of the power usage efficiency (PUE) hymnal.

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