4.4 Service Level Management

What is it?

Service Level Management (SLM) concerns the knowledge of why and at what level a service is operated. There are deep implications, services need to be defined and the impact of service delivery on the business needs to be quantified. From this data, business cases for the acquisition of resources can be justified.

Why should you care?

Current practice in many data centers today is to deliver the highest possible uptime money can buy. With extensive service level management, one can turn this to delivering the required service level for the best possible price. By eliminating much unneeded redundancy in the IT infrastructure, this will save on both capital expenses and operational expenses.

How does it relate to the other items in the model?

In the end, Service Level Management is the place where it should all start. In the model, it is clockwise the last KPI. But SLM sets the scope for the implementation of a service. The design and build of the data center and the IT services should be according the agreed service levels.